Oh Squeem 26C…How I Love Thee

Um I just discovered the coolest thing ever, it’s called the Squeem Compression Waist Cincher. It’s a corset style waist cincher that not only sucks in all your business but it actually melts inches. That’s right, wear it and loose your waist!

I have been wearing mine for two weeks now and I already see a difference. No joke, my middle is melting. At least it feels and looks that way, the Squeem Cincher pushes in your pooch and the rubbery design does some serious sucking in magic. I’m not a scientist so I can’t accurately explain how the Squeem works I can only say…it works!

I’ll admit, I was squeemish about the Squeem at first. I mean it looks like some sort of ancient torture device or a freaky masocistic contraption. But once you put on the Squeem, you’ll see that its just a friendly little body shaper (masked beneath an evil rubber body. Well not evil, but kinda spooky. I’m a nut. I know. I mean how the heck can a person be afraid of under garments?)

I’ll be sure to post again in a few weeks and keep you up to date on my Squeem slim down.

Get a Squeem, it’ll make your friends say “exsqueems me, but are you a super model?”

Get it? “exsueems me?” Haha. No? Okay. Sorry, I’m just giddy from being so svelte.


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Fantasie Mombassa Bikinis!

Damn it’s been a while since I’ve written. Summer got me going out much more and blogging has taken a back seat to beach bumming.

None the less, let me say growl! I am obsessed with my new Fantasie Mombassa Plunge Bikini Top and matching Fantasie Mombassa Classic Draped Bikini Brief  .

With chic animal print this bikini is wildly stylish. I feel sexy in this little knock-out number. The top is low-cut to show off my curves and supportive for my ample busom. I like the bottoms because of the gathered front which I find to be both flattering and fashionable.

I also dig the Fantasie Mombassa Full Cup Bikini Top . The top offers a bit more coverage, and I am a sicker for cleavage hence my attraction to the plunge style.

God, I’m gonna look like such a little minx this summer 🙂

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Oh My God..dess!

I almost forgot to mention that my mom also bought 2 more Goddess 3910 bras because apparently the 2 she already owned just weren’t cutting her bra quota.

In case I haven’t emphasized this enough, these Goddess bras have changed my mothers life. She went from wearing the same boring, poorly made, unsupported bras for years to now being a bra snob. I love it.

She looks really good in these bras so I don’t fault her for being obsessed. I mean the difference in her shape and how she simply carries herself has been dramatic. When you find something that makes you look and feel so good its hard not to obsess over it. I should know ( ahem I have a blog dedicated to my love of bras!)

How fitting too that my mother loves Goddess bras as she is a goddess in my eyes.

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My Mom’s Goddess Group

A few months back I wrote about taking my mom shopping at Linda’s bra shop in New York. That was where my mom fell in love with the Goddess 5910. Since then my mother has become the unofficial spokes person for this bra. Really, everytime she gets around a group of women she rants and raves about the Goddess bras. RAVES! Like a compulsively (now I know where I get it from).

She talked up the Goddess bras so much that three of her gal pals got Goddess 5900 bras. Three! My mom deserves commission. These women were fawning over the Goddess 5900 because its that pretty pinkish hue. I love the idea that my mom has started a sorta hot bra club. So cute!

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The Notorious Natori Bra

If it weren’t for my trusty Natori 34439 I don’t think I’d ever exercise. Really, before this bra I felt like I was flopping all over the place. (how’s that for proper scientific terminology?) And it hurt too. Boys can’t even begin to imagine the discomfort in trying to do a 5k in a loose The Natori does wonders for keeping all my business in place while I run, job, skip, bounce, squat, kick, and jump.

All my older sports bras would stretch out and not offer any support. I have this one old sports bra that is literally tattered and torn that I wore for months before I finally tossed it out. I don’t know why I hold onto things when clearly they have met their last days. Since the Natori has underwire it’s especially supportive and adds lift which looks good. Sure, who cares what you look like when you workout? But if it feels good and looks good, that’s a good combo.

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It’s no Mystery that I love Le Mystere

Oh my dear, beloved, Le Mystere Shameless Strapless Bra. Thankyou for making my new gold cocktail dress look even more dreamy than I ever imagined. You have hidden underwires that offer undeniable support. I never knew a bra could fit so secretly under a low-back dresses. You don’t drop. You refuse to leave me hanging. You are indeed shameless, as if comfort and support should be something to be shameful of.

Oh and your cousin Le Mystere Tisha Bra ain’t so bad either. Oprah loves this bra and I am sucker  for whatever Ms. Winfrey tells me to be a sucker for. This bra makes me look slimmer, and who doesn’t love that?

Girlys, go on and get yourself a lil’ Le Mystere in your life today.

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The Timpa Lace Bra is tempting

After writing my last blog entry I went online and bought the Timpa Lace Bra 016449 in a gorgeous lilac color. It’s so pretty. I cannot wait for it to arrive in the mail.

Is there a such thing as Lingerie Addicts Anonymous? I kid you not, I am on a shopping frenzy that has got to slow down soon.

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